Friday, June 21, 2013

Strange celebration, feast throwing mouse carcasses

Strange celebration, feast throwing mouse carcasses
Festival throwing the mice

EL PUIG - An annual event which was held in Spain is calculated very unique. That's because all the people gathered and threw mutual dead mouse that had been frozen.

Every year on the last Sunday of January, the City of El Puig, Spain held a Festival of Sant Pere namely feast throwing a dead rat. Local residents as well as tourists from around the world who gathered in the field to do battle with the use of mice that already frozen.

Sant Pere This festival already celebrated for centuries in the town of El Puig. Initially, these mice battle occurs, when several centuries ago people happy throw dead rats it one another.

To commemorate such a memorable event, then the battle this rats, conducted every year.

In 2012 ago, this strange celebration has been censured by animal rights organizations, but the citizens of El Puig ignore the criticism such and keep hold celebrations Sant Pere.

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