Thursday, November 1, 2012

Henry Kissinger: in 10 years "Israel" will disappear

According to Henry Kissinger's latest 
report, there is no longer among  
young American Jews who care about
Israel (Photo: nytexamine)
WASHINGTON - According to the media reports, the U.S. politician Henry Kissinger is a major supporter of Israeli policy. As a former U.S. National Security Adviser and former U.S. Secretary of State, the White House's senior politicians, have menazarkan his life for the sake of Israel. He is a key figure who paved the theory of U.S. foreign policy.

By News quoted New York Post quoted Kissinger: "In 10 years, there would be no more Israel."

Senior U.S. politicians bloody Germans are fed up with the behavior of political elites Tel Aviv, Kissinger eventually withdrew its support for Israel are considered as parasites and undermine the sovereignty of the United States. As dilangsir by New York Post recently.

"Without the support of the U.S., the Zionist state would have been long gone from the world map. Because of all this, Israel has always undermine the U.S. to maintain their existence, with the help of large funds also military equipment, as well as international political support. "Said Kissinger loaded New York Post, September 2012 ago.

"Israel is now begging the U.S. to support the attack on Iran. We are fed up with the encouragement it rong. What are the advantages of Israel for America? They just weighed it! Israel will disappear in 10 years. The U.S. budget deficit pushed withdrew its support, leaving Israel alone. With the problems that they created themselves. "Strictly speaking.

For Kissinger, the U.S. was time to leave Israel so that they take care of themselves. And not again burden the U.S. budget deficit. Politicians Tel Aviv had been abusing the generosity Washington. They have fun and reap the political benefits of any conflicts with its neighbors. While the American people have to pay for the conflict that they created it.

The impact of Henry Kissinger's statement, prompting U.S. President Barack Obama underestimated the Prime Minister of Israel from the Likud Party, Benjamen Netanyahu, and postpone their scheduled meetings on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly agenda, in New York, Tuesday (09/25/2012) ago. Meanwhile, at the same time, Israeli bulldozers continue to undermine Al-Aqsa Mosque area, Palestine.

Source:  Reuters

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