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11 Predictions future will probably happen

Lots of people who predict the future, with imagination or science fiction. But, most likely will happen, because almost everything is based on imagination, is not it? And here are 7 predictions the future that has not happened.

1. Future Life
you like science fiction movie about the life of the future? If so, you'll see a picture of a similar future: flying cars and robots everywhere. In addition, many films are predicting the event occurred in the 21st Century (film 2001: Space Odyssey (1968) even refers to journeys into space plural conducted in 2001!). Well, we're going beyond the first 10 years of the 21st century. But, on the streets there are no flying cars or robot maids in our house. Hmm, copy of Time, this list is to remind any predictions that have been made ​​by men about life in the future but not so obvious (until now).

2. Earth humans wear uniform
Jerry Seinfield once made a funny joke about it: "Every time I see a movie or TV series provides people in the future or from a different planet, all wearing the same clothes. Apparently, there was a time they decided, 'Okay, enough. From now on, this dress will be our uniform: tight silver dress with a V sign on the chest and boots. That was enough. We want to go to another planet and must be seen as a team. "In the TV series and the films Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, or any film about space exploration, everyone wore the same uniform or if different colors, patterns similar fashion.

Apparently, all the people in the future have orders to throw all the clothes in their closet and only have one type of clothing: uniforms. Fortunately, we still want to look different from others and be more comfortable not wearing a uniform when traveling.

3. Underwater City
In addition to the unlimited space, deep sea also gave a similar mystery. James Cameron made ​​The Abyss which assumes an alien living on the ocean floor. The filmmakers had a past era of fresh ideas: the city under the sea! B grade movies in the 1950s to assume the character lives with amphibious creatures that breathe with gills and live in the beautiful city under the sea. Indeed, with rising sea levels as global warming, we should think of building a underwater city. Underwater city does not yet exist, the existing is luxury hotel in Dubai offers the sensation of dining under the sea.

4. Jet Packs
Jet Packs is a kind of jet that functioned like a backpack. Instead of carrying a bag, your back carrying jet engines that can fly you. Initially, this idea emerged in the 1920s in science fiction magazines like Amazing Stories and then appeared again in one of the James Bond films (Thunderball) and comic (and film) The Rocketeer. Just so you know, Nazi Germany had seriously do some research by attaching a jet engine to the body of the pilot they tried to fly over the field. However, the experiment never really worked. But, the dream of making jet packs have never faded. This year, says Time, a manufacturer of aircraft in New Zealand Martin Aircraft Company signed a cooperation agreement worth $ 12 million to start making jet packs and eventually will be sold freely. Hm, may soon come true.

5. Pill Foods
The food in the future predicted to come in pill form. Once ate a pill, it is full. It is hard to be real because the average person needs two thousand calories a day. If calories are compressed into a pill and we still have to swallow a pill a day and a half pounds. That does not include carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and other useful. Hm, still more delicious slice of pizza or a cheese burger, huh? Nevertheless, it does not mean eating a kind of pills dream vanished. Researchers at the Institute of Food Research in Norwich, England, said they were in the final stages of creating candy that tastes like a full meal.

6. World Government
In many TV series or a sci-fi movies ranging from Star Trek, Babylon 5, etc., the world no longer consists of various countries, but there is one single rule to govern an entire human being on earth. That government can shape the Federation, the Guild, or even the United Nations. How the world government emerging? Robert Heinlein, who wrote the novel Starship Troopers (which was later filmed 1997), explaining how the one world government is created. Global governance Terran Federation created after many democratic countries fell to chaos in the 21st century, which then allowed the military to take over and establish a single country in the world. Well, not to happen.

7. Flying Car
Flying car is the most common picture of a future world. City of the future must be filled with flying cars. Pop culture, through movies, comics, TV series, to perpetuate that image. Series The Jetsons, Back to the Future, Blade Runner to The Fifth Element featuring flying cars. Supposedly, the flying car is not too difficult to materialize. We already have cars and airplanes. So, what is hard to make a flying car? Ron's car on Harry Potter can do it, right? Well, maybe it's hard to build a flying machine with a capacity of a car. We'll wait.

8. Time Machine
We've been tempted many times that time travel is possible through the work of literature (The Time Machine), movies (Back to the Future, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure), and TV (Quantum Leap, Time Trax, Doraemon). But, until now, the concept of a walk into the past or the future is still fiction. Unless you believe that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are men who leaked the future of future technology to us.

9. Teleportation

Definitely fun can move in an instant from the one place to the other. We do not need a car, airplane, or other vehicle, and of course, it will save time. Jakarta congestion problem disappears if we can find this technology. But unfortunately, until now this technology is still new alias in the fictional Star Trek series and such.

Although still fiction, action was initiated to make it happen so real center. Some physicists, and even the United States Air Force, researching what people can move through such a wormhole. Hopefully quickly become real.

10. Human Cyborg
Half man, half machine. That cyborg aka cybernetic organism. The term appears the 1960s and 1970s known through the series The Six Million Dollar Man. In the series, after so half machine, Steve Austin became "Better. Stronger. Faster. "

Currently, there are a number of human body parts such as hands-replaced engine replacement engine missing hand due to an accident. but no one has deserved so have the power like the Bionic Man, Bionic Woman, or Robocop.

If later become real, What is no guarantee of the cyborg powers are only used for good?  Well, Thinking first before creating cyborg.

11. A world destroyed by a major disaster
There have been many science fiction predicted the world could be a bleak future. Nuclear Disasters destroy billions of humans and the earth are no longer familiar to live. Or, pollution thus making the earth so badly damaged.

Movies Mad Max, The Road, Terminator, Wall-E, and a variety of more already predict it. We are fortunate to forecast the future that has not happened, and hopefully it will not.

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  1. You might need to brush up on today's scientific achievements. There is a flying car it was made years ago and is on the market for whoever can afford one. There are plans in affect by a private corporation to build and underwater facility for oil and mineral exploration. A scientist conducted an experiment in quantum teleportation that proves anything is possible once we learn to build the machines to prove the theories. A scientist from mexico proved that infinite space travel is possible by creating a machine that warps space time around it. This same discovery could most likely prove that time travel is also possible. Experiments with the Haldron collider has proven that when particles travel faster than light they actually wind up at a place prior to their acceleration which proved that time really doesn't even exist in a linear fashion and every moment is actually separate and not a series. Almost everything we consider in our minds can be accomplished if we choose to pursue it and Hitler probably did. The last technological age we had were technology was fast forwarded was during his reign in Germany. Which coincidentally had most civilians wearing a party uniform like the uniformed societies envisioned in SciFi.