Thursday, June 20, 2013

Plunge from 15 floors, this man succeed congratulations

Plunge from 15 floors, this man succeed congratulations
Tom Stilwell

AUCKLAND - A young man succeed congratulations after fall from an apartment building in the city of Auckland, New Zealand whereas he plunge from the 15th floor.

Tom Stilwell actually do not have the intention to suicide. 20-year-old man was just trying to get into room his apartment on the 14th floor that was locked from the inside.

Stilwell planned to jump from the balcony of above his room towards the balcony her own room. However, he instead fall until the bottom.

"He ask for permission in order to be allowed to jump from my balcony," said the owner of room on the 15th floor, Geraldine Bautista.

"I guess he would not dare, but it turns out he's actually jumps," said Bautista.

Stilwell fall befall on the roof of a house. Team doctors suspect roof that is what damaging momentum of fall him, so that he succeed congratulations.

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