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Secret intelligence Jews, in research


This is the secret intelligence Jewish people, who quoted from various sources.

Many of the geniuses in the world comes from the Jews. So did Albert Einstein. Another example is the Jews in the United States only 3% of the population but they can receive 25% laureates in the United States. According to the story from the Qur'an or the people of Israel Moses Alahi Salam, they've got the food from Heaven Manna and Salwa. Think this is due to the existence of Ashkenazi genetic diseases.

Ashkenazi besides making a comeback also very deadly. Scientists Gregory Cochran has always wondered why the Jews are very smart. He doubted the theory of natural selection that led to the Jews being smart.

Based on its search in the scientific journal he reveals a new theory on Henry Harpending, honorary professor at the University of Utah in the U.S.. Harpending also a member of the National Academy of Sciences.

Cochran assess gene corrupted, which caused the Jews to become more intelligent. Cochran's conclusions could open a new debate concerning the relationship between DNA with IQ.

Cochran (55) and Harpending (65) called Ashkenazi has led to increased brain power. Psychologists and educational researchers found that the average IQ of the Jews is 107.5 to 115.

That figure is above the European average, which only reached 100. 7 different value is sufficient to distinguish the level of genius.

If the average IQ is 100, then the number of people who have an IQ above 140 is only 0.4%. If the average of 110, the genius rate reached 2.3%.

Although the Jews in the U.S. is less than 3% of the population but have won Nobel prizes 25% since 1950. Other than that the Jews control 20% of executives in the U.S. and 22% of the members are Jewish genius student.


Dr. Stephen Carr Leon writes from direct observation. He noticed some interesting things that can be drawn as material for her PhD thesis, namely, "Why Smart Jew?"
Just to you know, to gather data as accurate as possible this thesis took almost 8 years.

Let us begin:

1. Getting started giving birth

In Israel, after knowing the mother was pregnant, the mother will often:
singing, playing piano, buy a book of mathematics and solve problems with her husband.

Stephen was amazed that his friend often carry books containing math and ask some questions that can not be resolved. Incidentally Stephen likes math. Stephen asked, "Is this for your child?" He replied, "Yes, this is for my son who is still in the womb, I was training his brain, he may be a genius." This makes Stephen keen to continue to follow its development. Without the mother bored doing math exercises to complete delivery.

2. Eat pattern

Stephen Another thing to consider is how to eat. From the beginning he loved to eat containing nut korma with almonds and milk. Midday main meal of bread and fish without the head with a mixed salad with almonds and various types of nuts. According to the Jewish woman, fish meat really good for brain development and head of the fish is not well contains chemicals that can damage a child's brain development and growth in the womb. It is the custom of the Jews when pregnant. a kind of obligation to pregnant mothers taking fish oil pills.

When invited to dinner with the Jews. As soon as Stephen recounts, "My main concern is their menu. At the same time every invitation I've noticed, they loved to eat fish (only the content or fillet), "he said. Usually if have There are fish, no meat. Fish and meat are not there together at one table. According to a Jewish family, a mixture of meat and fish is not good eaten together. Salad and beans, should, especially peanut almond. its unique, they will eat fruits before the main course.

Do not be surprised if you are invited to a Jewish house you will be served first fruits. According to them, by eating carbohydrate dish (rice or bread) first and then fruits, this will cause us to feel sleepy. As a result, weak and trouble to understand the lessons in school.

Attention next Stephen is visiting Jewish children. They are very concerned about the food, the food is fruit beginning with almond nuts, followed by swallowing fish oil pills (code liver oil). In observation Stephen, Jewish children are really smart. Average they understand three languages​​, Hebrew, Arabic and English.

3. Smoking is Taboo

In Israel, smoking is taboo, if you are invited to eat at home Jews, do not smoke at all times. Without hesitation they will tell you to get out of their homes. Telling you smoke outside their homes. According to scientists at the University of Israel, the study shows nicotine can damage the main cells in the human brain and will be attached to the gene. That is, the offspring of smokers will take a generation of brain defects (stupid). A discovery of genes and DNA Israeli scientists.
4. Education

Since childhood, they have been trained to play the piano and violin. It is an obligation. According to them playing music and understanding not to increase IQ. It certainly would make children smarter. This is according to Jewish scientist, upbeat music stimulates the brain. No wonder many experts the music of the Jews.

In grades 1 to 6, Jewish children will be taught math-based commerce. Science teaching is preferred. Stephen's observation, "The comparison with children in California, the IQ level can I say 6 years back!" He said. All lessons will be easily caught by Jewish children.

Apart from the last lesson exercise is also a liability for them. Preferred sport is archery, shooting and running. According to his Jewish friend Stephen, archery and shooting can train the brain focus. Besides shooting part of the preparations for the defense of the country.

Furthermore, Stephen attention to high school (secondary). Here the students in-motion movement with science lessons. They are encouraged to create products. Although they sometimes seem funny project and waste, still studied seriously. What else could it be studied weapons, medical and engineering. The idea will be taken to a higher level.

Another one is that given the primacy of economics faculty. I am really surprised to see they are so aggressive and serious they are studying economics. At the end of the year at the university, students are required to work on the project. They have to practice it. You will only pass if your team (10 students per set) can gain as much as U.S. $ 1 million!

You surprised?

That's the reality.
Conclusions, the theory is Stephen, childbirth and intelligent breed that is imperative. Certainly not a matter that can be solved overnight. Need process, perhaps through several generations?

(various source) 

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