Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Anaconda snake regurgitate its prey cow

Anaconda which prey on cattle (Photo: YouTube)

BRASILIA - anaconda snake is known for wild predators and large size. This is evident from an outstanding YouTube video, which shows a giant anaconda could devour a cow in Brazil.
However, after eating a whole cow, the giant snake brings back prey. Apparently the snake was not too hungry and took the cow.

Although in the video it is a cow anaconda prey, many who saw him said another. Some of them believe the animal is a giant capybara or similar mice that do have habitat around Brazil.

Rodent that weighs 66 pounds it is typical of South American animals. During this time, known as the capybara animal prey anaconda. So reported the Daily Mail, Tuesday (11/27/2012).

In the recording known anaconda snake takes about 90 seconds to break away from the meal. It is unknown what the reason snake brings back food. But anaconda is known to be spewing food as soon as possible, if disturbed or fear so that they can move quickly.

A dikabar anaconda can grow up to 6.7 meters long. But there are reports that these wild snakes grow up to 12 meters. These animals can devour anything, including fish, birds, animals and repit other large animals such as capybara, tapir and even deer.

Source:  Daily Mail

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