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Friday, July 5, 2013

Scientists reveal the original colors from fossil beetles oldest

Scientists reveal the original colors from fossil beetles oldest
Fossil beetles
The latest technology could help paleontologists to reveal what kind of the original color of the oldest ancient animals, aged 49 million years ago. University of Bristol scientists reveal the mystery great it through their latest research, published in the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition.

Researchers had suspected, that color of the ancient animals may be similar to preserved in the fossil. However, recent findings of structural colors in fossils of insects and feather help the scientists to solve this mystery.

Examining the structure of color in fossil insects could also give new insights for researchers about the evolution of color. In addition, this research can give knowledge related to the role of color in communication between animals in the past.

Bristol University held an exhibition titled "Colors of prehistoric animals in the fossil insects and feathers". The scientists involved in this exhibition seeks to find out the original colors of ancient animals through interactive experiments fossilization, high-tech scanning with electron microscope.

"Not many people know that fossils can show traces of color. Exhibition us are unique opportunity to stimulate thousands of people with science, particularly the hottest topics in paleontology and geology such as color fossils," said researcher Maria McNamara.

Using modern insects and feathers, the scientists perform experiments to measure the effects of pressure, temperature and chemical materials on color. This was done to see what and how color can be changed from time to time.

Scientists then check the fossil using electron microscopy and accurately identify fossils. "Fossil has a universal appeal and we hope our exhibition will create a positive impression about science to the public,"

Friday, June 28, 2013

This youth doing 11 jobs in a day

This youth doing 11 jobs in a day
Photo: David Day

CARLTON - A man named David Day, doing eleven job in one day. Youth action of 21 this year making it be men the most work hard in Britain. Many men the same age David in the UK not yet work and they are just busy with college activities or training. However, David at his age is still very young already do some amazing work.

Nearly half of the work he does it is voluntary. He was determined to help the community, five work he does it get paid and six other work is volunteer. He works as many as 60 hours per week.

This youth work as a shop assistant in Primark, at Notts County Football Club, the official of lunch at a junior high school, and work at the club after school, all of which are as much as 40 hours per week.

However, he still works as a volunteer in the youth group and children's play center, coach badminton and football, St John Ambulance volunteers, and teach life-saving.

David get a weekly salary of 262 pounds.

"I'm just moving from one job to job the next, but I'm already familiar with my way in set the time," says David.

"I prefer doing something that is useful rather than sitting in front of the TV. Very enjoyable to have the money, but I do not care about it. To help people and do something I enjoy much more meaningful," said the man who stay at Carlton , Nottingham, England.

"There is a perception that young people will not to do anything, but there are people my age out there who want to help other people. It is good to make people change the outlook on people who my age and be their motivation for doing the same thing, "explains David.

"I want to see more many volunteers and show people how it feels to help other people," he concluded.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Strange ancient creatures, similar with cigarette aged 520 million years

Strange ancient creatures, similar with cigarette aged 520 million years
CALIFORNIA - Approximately 520 million years ago, Earth is home to living creatures with various sizes or shapes. Researchers revealed their findings that shows strange species aged hundreds of millions of years ago with shape resembling a cigarette.

This species fossils found in Morocco in 2012. In a recent report published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, revealed the strange animal fossils are Echinoderms (phylum of marine animals that includes sea stars well as cucumbers) primitive.

Scientists suspect that this ancient animals can change shape in certain circumstances. They say that this animal can expand her body shape or shrink.

Every time do it, the creature it also change the length of her body. "This is a cigar-shaped animals," said researcher Andrew Smith. He said, sometimes these animals can be short and plump and able to transform itself into a long and thin.

Each time the select to be slim, the creature it could have length size of 1.6 inches (4 centimeters). Echinoderms succeed to change the shape of her body with the help of five ambulacra (surface area that is able to radiating).

"This has characteristics that place it as the most primitive Echinoderms that have five-fold symmetry," said Andrew Smith.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Walking on rope above a height of 457 meters

Walking on rope above a height of 457 meters
Nik Wallenda

ARIZONA - A man from the United States (U.S.) named Nik Wallenda, perform extreme action with walking on steel cable with thickness of 50 millimeter. The action was done at the height of 457 meters above the river Little Colorado River Gorge in Arizona.

Wallenda walking during 22 minutes to complete this acrobatic actionable. He walked slowly and had time to running when already reached the end of the rope.

Father of three children this is wearing a microphone and two cameras, one camera facing down and one the camera again facing straight ahead.

Wallenda wearing skin shoes to help and maintain balance in walking across the rope. Wallenda action this is broadcast live on Discovery Channel.

Extreme action of 34-year-old man this is not the first time, previously he ever crossing the Garnd Canyon when he still teenager. Wallenda already has a unique hobby such as this since 1986.

Wallenda is a seventh generation in his family who perform action walking above rope and is part of a very famous circus family, the "Flying Wallendas" with myriad of achievements which the death-defying.

His great-grandfather, Karl Wallenda, fell during a performance in Puerto Rico, and died at the age of 73. Several other family members, including cousins ​​and his uncle also has been died when doing action above rope.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Strange celebration, feast throwing mouse carcasses

Strange celebration, feast throwing mouse carcasses
Festival throwing the mice

EL PUIG - An annual event which was held in Spain is calculated very unique. That's because all the people gathered and threw mutual dead mouse that had been frozen.

Every year on the last Sunday of January, the City of El Puig, Spain held a Festival of Sant Pere namely feast throwing a dead rat. Local residents as well as tourists from around the world who gathered in the field to do battle with the use of mice that already frozen.

Sant Pere This festival already celebrated for centuries in the town of El Puig. Initially, these mice battle occurs, when several centuries ago people happy throw dead rats it one another.

To commemorate such a memorable event, then the battle this rats, conducted every year.

In 2012 ago, this strange celebration has been censured by animal rights organizations, but the citizens of El Puig ignore the criticism such and keep hold celebrations Sant Pere.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Plunge from 15 floors, this man succeed congratulations

Plunge from 15 floors, this man succeed congratulations
Tom Stilwell

AUCKLAND - A young man succeed congratulations after fall from an apartment building in the city of Auckland, New Zealand whereas he plunge from the 15th floor.

Tom Stilwell actually do not have the intention to suicide. 20-year-old man was just trying to get into room his apartment on the 14th floor that was locked from the inside.

Stilwell planned to jump from the balcony of above his room towards the balcony her own room. However, he instead fall until the bottom.

"He ask for permission in order to be allowed to jump from my balcony," said the owner of room on the 15th floor, Geraldine Bautista.

"I guess he would not dare, but it turns out he's actually jumps," said Bautista.

Stilwell fall befall on the roof of a house. Team doctors suspect roof that is what damaging momentum of fall him, so that he succeed congratulations.