Friday, June 28, 2013

This youth doing 11 jobs in a day

This youth doing 11 jobs in a day
Photo: David Day

CARLTON - A man named David Day, doing eleven job in one day. Youth action of 21 this year making it be men the most work hard in Britain. Many men the same age David in the UK not yet work and they are just busy with college activities or training. However, David at his age is still very young already do some amazing work.

Nearly half of the work he does it is voluntary. He was determined to help the community, five work he does it get paid and six other work is volunteer. He works as many as 60 hours per week.

This youth work as a shop assistant in Primark, at Notts County Football Club, the official of lunch at a junior high school, and work at the club after school, all of which are as much as 40 hours per week.

However, he still works as a volunteer in the youth group and children's play center, coach badminton and football, St John Ambulance volunteers, and teach life-saving.

David get a weekly salary of 262 pounds.

"I'm just moving from one job to job the next, but I'm already familiar with my way in set the time," says David.

"I prefer doing something that is useful rather than sitting in front of the TV. Very enjoyable to have the money, but I do not care about it. To help people and do something I enjoy much more meaningful," said the man who stay at Carlton , Nottingham, England.

"There is a perception that young people will not to do anything, but there are people my age out there who want to help other people. It is good to make people change the outlook on people who my age and be their motivation for doing the same thing, "explains David.

"I want to see more many volunteers and show people how it feels to help other people," he concluded.

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