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Giant halibut fish sold in restaurants in the UK

Giant halibut fish sold in restaurants in the UK
Giant halibut fish

ARGYLE STREET - A giant Halibut fish sold in restaurants in the UK. This fish is a rare fish that weighs 70 kilograms (kg). A restaurant in Argyle Street, Glasgow, this UK provides a giant Halibut fish menu for 300 servings and sold at a price 1,000 pounds for every one his portion.

These halibut fish captured off the coast of Shetland, Scotland, and estimated the fish size of this giant aged about 50 years old.

This giant halibut will be served at the restaurant visitors the Crabshakk and estimated enough for 300 people. The Crabshakk owner, John Macleod said that this giant fish will be cooked by the head chef, David Scott.

"I do not think any of us will see wild halibut the size of as big as this, this fish later will in fillets by David Scott," said Macleod.

According to a spokesperson for the supplier, John Vallance to find Halibut weighing 70 pounds is very difficult and this is very rare, because usually normal size Halibut fish only 20-30 pounds.

Giant Halibut fish also ever discovered in 2010, by a German veteran, Gunther Hansel, who found Halibut with a weight 220 kilograms which sold a price 2,500 pounds.

The other biggest halibut captured in Norway in 2009 with a weight 210 kilograms. Atlantic halibut is one of the biggest fish in the world and can grow up to along 457cm.

Halibut fish this is listed as endangered animals because its population has been experiencing the reduction in few this last decades.

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