Wednesday, December 19, 2012

For Sale, Luxury Bunker Preparation for Doomsday

Bunker luxurious creations Ron Hubbard (Photo: Daily Mail)

MONTEBELLO - Ron Hubbard was well aware the doomsday prophecy. He built shelters or bunkers in a very luxurious underground to prepare for the apocalypse.

Many news predicted the world will end on Friday, December 21 in the next as the Mayan calendar predicts. Mayan calendar that began 5,125 years ago in 3113 BC (BCE) will expire on December 21, 2012.

The news sparked concerns among a group of people would be catastrophic is going to happen. Hubbard, ultimately making businesses build underground bunker equipped with amenities such as leather sofas, plasma TV, bed, kitchen, toilet flushing and even a fireplace.

Bunker that looks like a bomb is in Montebello, California, and sold for 46,000 pounds sterling, or approximately Rp719 million. Hubbard, said that he was making a bunker in two places, in New York and one in Indiana.

"I will spend three days in the bunker to be safe. If you have a bunker, you might as well go hide in it," Hubbard said, as quoted by the Daily Mail, Tuesday (18/12/2012).

Hubbard made ​​the bunker is a cylindrical measuring 500 square feet with a diameter of 10 feet and a length of 15.24 meters.

"I started making this place, because I also want to have one for myself," said Hubbard.

"Many people who buy this bunker as a form of insurance for the worst. Much like someone who will buy home insurance for fear that there is a fire in their home," he added.

"We have been selling this bunker since a month ago after President Obama was elected again," said the man from Montebello, California.

Source:  Daily Mail  

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