Tuesday, June 11, 2013

This man has a giant testicles

This man has a giant testicles
Wesley Warren

LAS VEGAS - A man in the city of Las Vegas, United States (U.S.) must live in suffering because have giant testicles. However, now he can breathe relieved because his testicles has been removed by a doctor.

Wesley Warren experiencing abnormalities is called scrotal Lymphedema. The abnormalities it makes his testicles grow unchecked.

Warren testicles had reached heavy weight 130 pounds (59 kg). Thing It make it difficult to move.

"During this time my life feels sad," said Warren.

Suffering from Warren ended after he met Dr. Joel Gelman. Gelman willing to help Warren lifted testicles his giant.

"Dr. Gelman is the savior of my life. I thank to him and all the people who during this supporting me," said Warren.

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